Turtle Bayou Resolutions


June 13, 1832

The colonists of Texas have long been convinced of the arbitrary and unconstitutional measures of the administration of Bustamante as evinced.

FIRST By their repeated violations of the constitution and laws and the total disregard of the civil and political rights of the people.

SECOND By their fixing and establishing among us, in the time of peace,
military posts, the officers of which, totally disregarding the local civil authorities of the State, have committed various acts evincing opposition to the true interest of the people in the enjoyment of civil liberty.

THIRD By arresting the commissioners, especially Juan Francisco Madero, who, on the part of the State government, was to put the inhabitants east of Trinity River in possession of other lands, in conformity with the laws of colonization.

FOURTH By the imposition of military force, preventing the Alcalde of the
jurisdiction of Liberty from the exercise of his constitutional functions.

FIFTH By the appointing to the revenue department men whose principles are
avowedly to the true interest of the people of Texas; and that, too, when their character for infamy had been repeatedly established.

SIXTH By the military commandant of Anahuac advising and procuring servants to quit the service of their masters, and offering them protection; causing them to labor for his benefits, and refusing to compensate them for the same.

SEVENTH By imprisonment of our citizens without lawful cause; and claiming the right of trying said citizens by a military court for offense of a character cognizable by the civil authority alone.


RESOLVED That we view with feelings of the deepest regret, the manner in which the government of the Republic of Mexico is administered by the present dynasty. The repeated violation of the constitution; the total disregard of the laws; the entire prostration of the civil power, are grievances of such character as to arouse the feelings of every freeman, and impel him to resistance.

RESOLVED That we view with feelings of deepest interest and solicitude, the
firm and manly resistance which is made by those patriots under the highly and distinguished chieftain Santa Anna, to the numerous encroachments and infractions which have been made by the present administration upon the laws and constitution of our beloved and adopted country.

RESOLVED That as freemen devoted to a correct interpretation an enforcement of the constitution and laws, according to their true spirit, we pledge our lives and fortunes in support of the same, and of those distinguished leaders who are gallantly fighting in defense of civil liberty.

RESOLVED That all the people of Texas be united to co-operate with us, in
support of the principles incorporated in the foregoing resolutions.

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