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Articles about Chambers County, it's history, people, and heritage.





To make an on-line library of articles about our historic county, that is accessible to all.


This website (to date) is mostly about Texas Independence but it is not limited to this period in history. Articles of other times in our county's history are welcome. For Example: The history of Rice, Oil, or Shrimping, (etc), and how it started in Chambers County would be excellent, as would articles about life in early Graydon, Round Point, and other historic communities. The intent is to collect and preserve our community history in a way that makes it accessible to all.

Articles of historic importance written for other media, such as newspaper and journals are welcome, as long as their origin is properly documented.

Indicate Title, Author (&/or name of one who submits it), and Date Written (if applicable).
Unless otherwise requested, articles will be posted with the information given, in order to give proper credit.

This site takes no responisbility for the content of the articles, as that is the sole responsibility of the author and/or the one who submits it. Articles that contain flaming and/or personal attacks, will not be posted.

The intent is to keep the articles in a library here, for as long as this website is operational.

The individual articles belong to their authors, but please be aware that once posted, they are in the public domain. Your articles do belong to you, so once it is posted, if you see changes or corrections that are needed, please send an email and a reasonable effort will be made to honor your request. It is not expected, but if a situation arises that cannot be resolved otherwise in a reasonable manner, this site reserves the right to delete the article in its entirety. The deletion of an article may also be requested by the author at any time. Articles are not to be reproduced from this site without permission.
The collection of articles will be unique to this website, and is not to be reproduced without permission.

This website is not responsible for the opinions and facts presented in the articles.
See disclaimer on Contact page


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