Boy Scouts Historical Marker Project 

Article and Photos by Bob Wheat
Chambers County Historical Commission Chairman


Boy scouts from Winnie Troop 375 and assisted by Troop 109 of Port Arthur undertake the project of cleaning and restoring the finish of all the Historical Markers in Chambers County.

About eight months ago, Scoutmaster Vestor Hasson of Winnie, and Scout David Hasson approached the Historical Commission with the offer to clean and refinish all the Historical Markers in the County.


With the permission of Judge Sylvia and the Commission, the Scouts undertook the project.

Scoutmaster Hasson, under the direction of the Commission requested the State required procedures for cleaning the markers, and with supplies supplied by Bob DuBose of Gulf Coast Auto in Winnie, began the project.

To date, approximately 30 plus markers have cleaned.

Shown working on the project is Scoutmaster Vestor Hasson of Winnie, David Hasson of Troop 375, Winnie, Port Arthur Scout Master Mike Zimmerman, Troop 109, , Port Arthur Scouts Zack Zimmerman, Aaron Zimmerman, Bobby Gautreaux, Aaron Gautreaux, Rick Feldschaw, and Kenneth Allen.

The Chambers County Historical Commission commends these fine young men and their Scoutmasters, for their unselfish commitment to community involvement.
Article Written August 5, 2007

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