by Pudge Willcox
CCHC Publicity Chairman

The Chambers County Historical Commission met last week and a major item of discussion was the upcoming membership training now being mandated by the Texas Historical Commission. The training will now be required for all County Commissions and the training for Chambers County members will be conducted by Bob Wheat, Commission Chair, assisted by R.B. Scherer, Jr., Commission Vice- Chair and Mrs. Karla Dean, local teacher.

Kenneth Standley, Chair of the Oral Interview Committee reported that the committee continues to conduct interviews with Chambers County residents that are familiar with conditions in the County at least 50 years ago. Although several interviews were recently conducted, many more are needed. Anyone that would like to share their stories for history preservation is encouraged to contact the Historical Commission.

A report was also given on the Commission’s activities related to the recognition of Historical Cemeteries. Several unmarked cemeteries have been noted recently and effort is underway to recognize these cemeteries for preservation. The Commission will also perform a burial ceremony in the Anahuac Cemetery on September 22nd. The remains of an American Indian of the Karankawa Tribe, which are in the possession of the Commission, will be laid to rest and the grave will be properly marked. A descendant of the tribe will assist with the ceremony.

The Commission also scheduled a work day for August 11th to complete the move of archives from the old County Annex to the new Archive/Museum Building. Numerous volumes of historical books and documents are yet to be moved. The Commission is looking forward to conducting a formal ribbon cutting ceremony and reception for the new building in the near future. The building was purchased by the Chambers County Commissioners Court.

Article Written July 29, 2007

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